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professional services
and consulting

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IT, consulting and business services need to be customer-centric

Customers expect solution providers to exhibit the highest degree of professionalism, trust, and transparency at every stage of the engagement.
Business relationships in the form of contracts act as strategic partnerships and opportunities to bring bottom-line impact and improvement in key
performance indicators. At the same time, the costs of not meeting customer expectations are incredibly high.

Contract management
challenges of technology,
consulting and professional
services enterprises

Complex, high-value and long-drawn contracting cycle with many stakeholders involved from both the contracting parties

Multi-faceted, dynamic and multi-year deliverables with frequent revisions to the statement of work throughout the contract lifecycle

Stricter privacy and industry regulations governing the contracts with newer advancements in technology and business services

How SimpliContract solves contract management problems unique to
the technology, consulting and professional services industry

Digitizes and tags old contracts and makes them easily searchable using simple keywords and meta-tags

Improves speed of contracting with pre-approved templates, AI-powered clause-review, and collaborative negotiations

Simplifies multiple amendments and renegotiations in existing contracts, and related documents such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Statements of Work (SOW) and Master Service Agreements (MSA)

Intelligently locates and reviews filed contracts for regulatory risks such as for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and specific scenarios like contracts containing a ‘24-hour data breach notice.’

Helps you extract critical data and manage obligations and service-level agreements (SLAs) in complex, multi-year contracts using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Alerts you of time-sensitive contract action items such as renewals, payments, delivery milestones, etc

Provides personalized dashboards and configurable reports for tracking contract cycle-times, customer commitments, etc.

Integrates with ERP and CRM for seamlessness and consistency in exchange of information

What makes
SimpliContract a
part of your tribe?


SimpliContract solution deploys a low-code approach making all the business-specific rules simple to configure.

Industry mentors

We consult our trusted industry veterans for finer know-how and for developing industry-specific AI language models.

Ease of Use

The entire UX of SimpliContract has been built on user feedback, making it extremely simple to adopt in your contract lifecycle.