Take the friction out

of your contracting process and business relationships

Fast-track contracts.
Grow your business.

Speed up contract authoring, redlining, and negotiation with the use of AI. Go from the first draft to signature in days.

Never miss deadlines.
Or your cup of coffee.

Enable personal reminders for renewals, contract milestones, obligations, and more. Get and offer help instantly.

Win contract compliance.
And user adoption.

Democratize contracting. Get business users to participate while controlling business risks.

With AI-powered Simpli Xtract,
scrutinize the toughest
of contracts in seconds.

Stop pulling all-nighters with hundred-page agreements. Run them through SimpliContract, and, within seconds, detect everything from metadata to clause level risks and critical obligations. Welcome to the world of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence for contract life-cycle management!

Contract Lifecycle Management Benefits

Sign Contracts Faster

 Create contracts guided by wizard and templates
 Upload third party contracts with ease
 Compare quickly with auto-redlining
 Approve and sign digitally

Detect Risks Instantly with AI

 Protect business against human error
 Spot deviations in third-party clauses
 Compare with approved fallbacks
 Get and offer guidance via chat

Meet Contractual Obligations

 Assign to-dos to stakeholders
 Track deadlines and milestones
 Avoid penalties and leakages
 Improve contract utilization

Digitize Legacy Contracts

 Extract text from scanned documents
 Make all contracts searchable
 Shift physical copies to the cloud
 Encrypt and secure contract access

Measure Performance

Track preferred metrics
 Analyze usage of templates and clauses
 Negotiate contracts better
 Increase accountability

SimpliContract integrates with everyday
business applications that you use.

Digital signature

MS Word

CRM solutions

ERP solutions

CPQ solutions