management for
pharma and biotech

Safeguard organizational
reputation while reducing costs

Pharma and biotech enterprises operate in a high-stakes environment

Life is a sensitive matter. As medicine-makers and biotechnology companies, you are accountable to society, employees, and shareholders. The
demand for preventive and therapeutic drugs is rising, global disease profiles are changing, and market segments are becoming diverse. To manage
the growth expectations of shareholders, year after year, within the ever-tightening regulatory frameworks of different countries, pharma and biotechnology giants are expected to strike a delicate balance.

Contract management
challenges of pharmaceutical
and biotechnology

Longer time-to-market and complex business relationships in research and supply chain, exacerbated by slow contracting processes

Stringent regulations across the product lifecycle - covering research, development, marketing, and sales - making everyday contract compliance extremely essential

Shorter patent life and investment recovery timeline making it critical to protect Intellectual Property and to track contract milestones, deadlines, and upcoming expiries.

How SimpliContract solves contract management problems
unique to the pharma and biotechnology industry

Improves speed of contracting with AI-powered risk-review and pre-approved templates

Enables bulk contracting related to physicians, patients, and Clinical Trials Application (CTA)

Triggers dynamic and exceptional approval workflows to reduce the risk of compliance

Helps you extract and manage obligations for complex B2B contracts related to research, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and contract manufacturing

Deploys Natural Language Processing (NLP) to locate and review contracts for clause changes and to extract critical information for litigations and audit purposes

Provides insights on renewals, rebates, and payments for channels - wholesalers and retailers, group purchasing organizations (GPO) - in formulation business across geographies

Provides configurable workflows and reports for different business units and departments

Integrates with ERP and CRM for seamless exchange of critical information

What makes
SimpliContract a
part of your tribe?


SimpliContract solution deploys a low-code approach making all the business-specific rules simple to configure.

Industry mentors

We consult our trusted industry veterans for finer know-how and for developing industry-specific AI language models.

Ease of Use

The entire UX of SimpliContract has been built on user feedback, making it extremely simple to adopt in your contract lifecycle.