business contract.
One Solution.

The AI-powered contract management software you will love to OWN.

Easy Contract Authoring

●  Self-service wizard for new contracts
●  AI-scrutiny of third-party paper contracts
●  Clause and fallback suggestions from library
●  Peer reviews over chat

Quick Contract Review

●  Auto-redlining during negotiations
●  Side-by-side version comparison
●  Review of deviations and exceptions
●  Dynamic approval workflow

Smart Contract Search and Storage

●  Digitization of historical contracts
●  On-cloud or on-premise centralization
●  Natural language-based search
●  Multi-parameter advanced search

Democratic Contract Compliance

●  AI-tracking of key obligations
●  Reminders for upcoming deadlines
●  Escalations in case of slippages
●  Audit trails and role-based access

Contracting Performance and Visibility

●  Personalized dashboard of to-dos
●  Clause and template level insights
●  SLA monitoring to avoid penalties
●  Sales and procurement specific dashboards

Manage Risks

Not documents.

The power of
Artificial Intelligence for
contracting and

Scanned Image. PDF. Or an MS Word file. No matter what format your contracts come in. Through AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Simpli Xtract helps you extract metadata and obligations from your business contracts for search, analysis, and ongoing compliance.

Seamless flow of data across
connected enterprise

SimpliContract integrates with your existing technological environment to provide you a smooth experience in fetching and sending contractual data across applications for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Finance and Human Resources (HR). It also integrates with MS Office and digital signature apps.

Why SimpliContract

Customer Inspired

We design our product based on customer feedback and challenges.

Low Code Approach

Our DIY-configuration approach shrinks implementation cost and time.

Tribe of Mentors

We have a strong network of in-house experts for each industry.

24x7 Support

You can reach us anytime via email, phone, or chat.

Measurable Outcomes

We focus on key performance metrics and user adoption.