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Industrial manufacturing enterprises face a new normal ahead

A de-globalization of sorts is in the making. And manufacturers must reorient themselves entirely to thrive in the evolving market requirements and
governmental regulations in different geographies. As demand restabilizes in uncertain ways, organizations must prepare for the unknown. They
have to redraw their supply chain frameworks and challenge years of workshop-floor traditions. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and an AI-savvy
workforce are calling.

Contract management
challenges of industrial
manufacturing and
engineering enterprises

Ever-changing demand and supply chain variables, necessitating revisions to contractual relationships to manage costs, and arrest revenue leakages.

Complex regulatory environment related to labor laws, trade policies, taxation, and cybersecurity, making contract compliance highly differentiated for each geographical market.

High-worth procurement contracts requiring close monitoring and fulfillment of vendor commitments, payment terms, and clauses to maximize the business value.

How SimpliContract solves contract management problems
unique to the manufacturing and engineering industry

Simplifies creation of complex supplier and vendor contracts for procurement, services, and warranties with pre-approved templates and clause libraries for different product categories, regions and business departments

Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract and manage supplier obligations and avoid revenue leakages and penalties

Tracks performance metrics, milestones, and benchmarks to gain valuable insights for negotiations and business reviews

Connects customer obligations with vendor obligations, for holistic contract management efficiency

Integrates with ERP and backend systems to gain critical insights on invoice compliance, vendor performance, standardization of payment terms, etc.

What makes
SimpliContract a
part of your tribe?


SimpliContract solution deploys a low-code approach making all the business-specific rules simple to configure.

Industry mentors

We consult our trusted industry veterans for finer know-how and for developing industry-specific AI language models.

Ease of Use

The entire UX of SimpliContract has been built on user feedback, making it extremely simple to adopt in your contract lifecycle.