for the
healthcare industry

Improve healthcare quality and speed up collections.

Healthcare enterprises now serve the ‘connected’ consumer

Hospitals, critical care units, and physicians find themselves in an entirely new world – one with
different expectations and growing demand. As changing demography gives rise to unique healthcare
needs and climate change triggers new pandemics, the industry needs to adopt remote treatment, digital communication,
and greater transparency to serve the twenty-first century patients.

challenges of
healthcare service

Added paper-work complexity with payers becoming a standard part of the healthcare service delivery model - thereby requiring traceability and management of multiple types of documents on a day to day basis

Stricter privacy and compliance regulations for healthcare service providers related to patient information, fraud, quality patient care, and protection of healthcare staff

Complex and heterogenous B2B contracts and commitments across service providers, equipment manufacturers, maintenance partners, etc

Increased need for transparency and accountability toward the ‘digitally savvy’ consumers at every step of healthcare delivery, making contract management highly critical for provider reputation

How SimpliContract solves contract management problems
unique to the healthcare industry

Manages multiple complex contract types across healthcare payers, partner providers, procurement and service contracts and warranties for high-value medical devices and equipment

Speeds up the creation of multiple vendor contracts for lease, hospitality, IT services, etc. with pre-approved templates and clause libraries

Auto-redlines contracts and suggests relevant clauses to improve compliance and reduce risks during contract review

Keeps track of renewals and payment dues in B2B and corporate contracts to reduce collection times

Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract insights about obligations due from vendors

Intelligently locates and reviews filed contracts for significant regulatory changes

Offers configurable role-based controls and audit trails for easy reporting

Integrates with backend healthcare technology for seamless compliance and exchange of data across systems

What makes
SimpliContract a
part of your tribe?


SimpliContract solution deploys a low-code approach making all the business-specific rules simple to configure.

Industry mentors

We consult our trusted industry veterans for finer know-how and for developing industry-specific AI language models.

Ease of Use

The entire UX of SimpliContract has been built on user feedback, making it extremely simple to adopt in your contract lifecycle.