Sign new
customer contracts
faster and track
existing ones
efficiently with AI.

Minimize your sales operations cost with SimpliContract.

Accelerate new
customer contracts

Remove bottlenecks from your customer
contracting and sales negotiation process.

Fulfil sales
contract obligations

Collaborate to track and fulfil contracted
obligations to customers, transparently.

Plug revenue

Realize contracted revenues across the
contract lifecycle and avoid penalties.

Reduce the cost of
sales operations

Save precious sales time on the field by
automating day to day contract operations.

Get timely
contractual insights

Receive notifications for contract
renewals and stay updated on your top customers.

Spend time winning customers.

Not reviewing contracts.

Fast-track proposal-to-
invoicing cycle

Make a great first impression on your new customers by leveraging the power of Simpli Collab. A collaborative and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered approach to contract negotiations. Get in house counsels on your side for everything from compliance checks to legal reviews and sign-offs.

Monitor service
delivery and customer

Keep a watch on obligation fulfillment and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each of your customers with Simpli Xtract. Work together with stakeholders across delivery and customer relations to facilitate corrective steps and prevent escalations.

Book higher revenues from your customer

Connect your entire customer contract life-cycle with operations and accounts receivables, seamlessly, to ensure maximization of contracted revenues. Get notified for slippages and also prevent penalties, thereby directly impacting the bottom-line.

Save time and cost of
your sales operations

Free up the time and resources engaged in sales contract authoring, redlining, and negotiations with Simpli 360. Keep competent salespersons on the field by speeding up contract review with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Retain existing
customers, increase
upsells and cross-sells

Foresee expiring or auto-renewing contracts in advance and devise your customer retention or renegotiation strategy. Delight your customers with customized offers and renewal proposals that are a win-win for both parties.