Stay on top of
procurement contracts
and vendor

Get the best out of your supplier obligations through SimpliContract.

Extract third-party

Compare vendor contracts against internal templates and clauses using Artificial Intelligence

Speed up

Sign supplier contracts faster using
collaborative review, redlining, and negotiations.

Locate contractual

Surface key data from vendor contracts using
OCR and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Track vendor

Monitor contract utilization, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and deliverables in real-time.

Simplify procurement

Measure internal and external compliance
for all your vendors and supplier contracts.

Save procurement costs.

And improve supplier performance.

vendor-initiated contract

Import third-party contract templates and decode them using Artificial Intelligence. Let SimpliContract extract the metadata and redline clause level differences for you, using Natural Language Processing (NLP). This way, you can focus on addressing contractual risks and compliance gaps.

Streamline contract
negotiations and

Use Simpli Collab to collaborate on the cloud with internal stakeholders and suppliers for iterative contract negotiations. Auto-redline contract verbiage, track all communications centrally and maintain versions for audit purposes. Utilize dynamic workflows for on-the-go approvals and faster sign-off.

Search your contract

Find what you need, whenever you need it. With SimpliContract’s AI-powered contract reader and extractor, Simpli Xtract, you can pull out any contract level insight in just a few seconds. Get rid of all the blind spots through a genuinely digital and searchable contract repository.

Drive contract utilization

Oversee the performance of all your vendor contracts in terms of goods and services quality, deadlines, project-level milestones, and service level agreements (SLAs). Assign obligations and metrics to relevant internal stakeholders and keep everyone informed with data integration across ERP, CPQ, and other systems.

Measure procurement

Access key contract and supplier metrics through personalized and customizable dashboards. Track payment terms consistency, compare consumed units against contracted units and discover insights on top-performing vendors by various spend categories.