Use AI to automate day-to-day contract
review and
spot potential risks.

Shift your legal operations to the fast lane with SimpliContract.

Build a library of
templates & clauses

Publish pre-approved contract and
clause templates internally and track usage in real-time.

Digitize legacy

Make historical contracts searchable
through OCR and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

legal review

Identify clauses, deviations, and risks
in third-party contracts with AI-powered NLP.

Simplify ongoing

Discover and plug hidden loop-holes in
active contracts as per regulatory changes.

Reduce the cost of
legal operations

Shorten contract review and cycle times.

Bring speed to contracting.

And reduce business risks.

organizational contract

Enable self-service contracting while ensuring internal and external compliance. Make your legal expertise accessible to enterprise-wide stakeholders through Simpli 360. Publish a comprehensive and up-to-date library of templates and clauses for different scenarios and requirements. Also, gain insights into frequently negotiated terms to improve the library and strengthen compliance.

Convert physical
contracts into digital

Standardize contract information buried in different formats for analysis and compliance. Extract text and metadata from all existing contracts with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Natural Language Processing (NLP).

De-risk your contracts
faster with
AI-assisted review

Review the most complex and the lengthiest of third-party contracts with ease. Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) surface unfavorable clauses and contract terms for you to review and remove and modify. Prevent human errors and save precious billable hours.

Find and update active
contracts in line with
changing regulations

Never worry about the new regulatory changes and contractual implications of the same for your business relationships. Trust our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered contract management solution to search instantly (using natural language) and dig out relevant contracts for renegotiation as and when required.

Save time and cost of
in-house legal operations

Get more done in less time and with greater efficiency using Simpli Collab. Turn the legal department into a business partner and delight internal stakeholders with faster turn-around time for day-to-day contractual review, periodical compliance reporting, and the occasional troubleshooting.