Read, tag and review contracts with AI

Make contracting smarter with AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven Simpli Xtract.

Digitize paper

Extract contract text from scanned paper documents and PDFs through leveraging our natural language models.

Tag contract

Identify critical obligations, clauses, and key data
from your contracts for quick search and analysis.

De-risk contract

Review contracts faster with redlining,
and leverage clause suggestions with
AI-powered recommendation engine.

Save your business from human errors and inefficiency in contract management

When highly educated legal operations personnel, counsels, and other business users managing contracts have to spend hours in authoring, reviewing, and tracking agreements, you know you have to change something. It is where Simpli Xtract with it’s Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence can make a world of difference.

Raise the bar.

In your contract lifecycle management.

No more filing cabinets.
Or shared drives.

Your contracts deserve better treatment…than to be tucked away into some shelf than to be tucker away in some folder Because well, they have a real business impact. That’s why an on-cloud or on-premise, intelligent, and digitized (OCR/ NLP-based) centralization of all your historical and active contracts is so important, particularly in a format that’s searchable with natural language queries like ‘expiring this month.’

You ask, SimpliContract
answers accurately.

Finding necessary information about a contract such as contracting party, contract value, contract term, and identify clauses in third party templates shouldn’t require you to read through the draft, thanks to self-learning, NLP-driven technology in today’s times. So, save that time, and instead let Simpli Xtract tag all the contract metadata for you. It not only helps in the review of individual contracts but also in the analysis of contracts across your database.

Turn unfavorable clauses to
compliant, favorable ones,
in minutes.

If reviewing contracts, draft after draft, feels like déjà vu; it is a sign for you to consider SimpliContract - an AI-based contract management solution. It is smart enough to identify your verbiage preferences, cross-refer your pre-approved clauses library and fire up revisions and redlines for strengthening the contract draft in your favor. In case of exceptions, it also suggests low-risk fallback clauses that take into account precedence in similar contracts and help in faster decision making.