Transforming Procurement: SimpliContract partners with Sourcing Champions

SimpliContract is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Sourcing Champions, a boutique strategy consulting firm based in Amsterdam and Munich. Together, we bring a unique combination of extensive procurement expertise and next-generation contract lifecycle management technology. 

With this partnership, Sourcing Champions became a strategic consulting partner of SimpliContract in Europe and aims to help companies implement, integrate, and correctly adopt effective contract management solutions. 

Needs of the current procurement world

When it comes to contracts, enterprises are still stuck to the timeworn ways: contract creation is done on word, managing exception approvals and clauses negotiations are done over never-ending email threads, different teams use different channels for data gathering, and there is a perpetual inadequacy of insights on upcoming expires and turnaround times.

The lack of an effective contract management solution results in longer contract times, missing critical data, missed obligations, poor visibility of risks, non-compliance to regulations, and deficit of contextual data for business planning.

Procurement expertise + Best-of-breed technology platform

SimpliContract is a modern 2nd generation contract lifecycle management platform that allows enterprises to seamlessly manage their contracts and contracting processes. Built on a modern and intuitive UI, SimpliContract specializes in all contract types – buy-side, sell-side, and corporate contracts. Our platform gets its power from three core differentiators, a user interface designed on customer feedback, a low code approach, and leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. 

Sourcing Champions is a boutique strategy consulting firm committed to global sourcing & procurement. Sourcing Champions have a strong offering in the sourcing strategy to contract space and are experienced in developing strategies for direct & in-direct procurement categories. Their experts support all key elements of sourcing: strategy, risk mitigation, sustainability, costs, and innovation. Through Sourcing Champions’ specialized programs in CLM consultancy, CLM implementation and contract value creation insights, they ensure your company is able to get the best out of contracts. Their ambition is to turn procurement into a competitive advantage for companies across the EU and the globe. 

Through our partnership with Sourcing Champions and the team of procurement professionals, we will help enterprises use and integrate valuable contract information into strategy formulations, procurement decisions, and operations.

Market opportunity for CLM

Organizations worldwide are looking at CLM as a high priority investment, and its market is projected to grow $1.5 billion today to $5.2 billion by 2027. CLM is the next ERP, and it now holds mind space across customers, investors, M&A, and consulting firms across geographies. 

SimpliContract and Sourcing Champions are on a journey to transform the world of contract lifecycle management together.

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