Tighten contract controls with Artificial

Strengthen contract compliance with standardized templates and automated AI-powered contract reviews.


Standardize contracts once. Comply every time

Provide self-service capabilities to different business users while staying fully compliant. Build a library of standardized contract templates and clauses for different requirements and track their usage.

Decode third-party paper in minutes

Compare third-party contract templates with your enterprise playbook and instantly identify clauses, deviations, and risks using AI and Natural Language Processing.

Collaborate like a pro. In every situation

Loop in multiple internal stakeholders to work together on contract negotiations, change requests, and obligation management for favorable business outcomes.

Single source of truth. No more shared folders

Centralize and digitize growing contract types for customers, channel partners, services, intellectual property, licenses, and more. Protect confidential business information from unauthorized access.

Extract any insight, any contract - in a blink

Retrieve essential metadata with AI-powered conversational and advanced search. Gain real-time contractual insights to improve compliance and guide business decisions.

Reimagine contracts. Intelligent CLM
platform for your enterprise playbook

Manual reviews and contract compliance can hurt your business. Put your enterprise playbook in action and invest in contract management automation to support your business growth.


Trusted by industry practitioners

Don’t just take our word for it.

SimpliContract has been quick to implement a CLM solution, that is business friendly. With SimpliContract in place, majority of the contracts goes through the platform, making it easy to search & locate key data, streamline approvals, derive insights, and gain visibility across entities.

Partha Sarathy Associate General Counsel, Marlabs