SimpliContract Is Now ISO 27001 Certified

SimpliContract, an AI-powered enterprise-grade end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management SaaS platform, achieves ISO certification for Information Security.


Sreyesh Sarma


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SimpliContract is ISO 27001 Certified

SimpliContract is proud to announce its achievement of ISO 27001 certification for information security. This prestigious certification marks a significant milestone in SimpliContract’s commitment to safeguarding customer data and providing world-class contract automation solutions.   

Data security is paramount for any organization, regardless of its size or industry. As a company that values its customers and stakeholders, we’ve always recognized the importance of safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining data integrity.   

ISO 27001 is an international standard that sets the framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS). Its primary focus is on identifying potential security risks and implementing measures to safeguard critical information assets. 

Jinaraj, the Co-founder and CTO of SimpliContract, said: Our ISO 27001 certification not only strengthened our data security practices but also instilled a culture of vigilance and accountability across the company. Achieving ISO 27001 certification has been a testament to our commitment to our customers' trust, our stakeholders' confidence, and our dedication to excellence in data security.   

Guru Venkatesan, the Co-founder, and CEO of SimpliContract, said: Becoming ISO 27001 certified is a reflection of our efforts in safeguarding customer data and our own compliance standards. As we operate in the LegalTech space, we know the importance of compliance and security. The certification will help us meet complex international privacy and security needs as we expand our GTM.”     

Initial Assessment and Commitment 

Our ISO 27001 certification journey began with a thorough internal assessment of our existing data security practices. Sprinto, a one-stop platform for all security compliances and certification audits, conducted a detailed audit to identify gaps and areas of improvement. This process helped us understand the extent of our preparedness for the certification process. 

Upon understanding the efforts and resources required, our leadership wholeheartedly committed to the process. They recognized that achieving ISO 27001 certification would not only enhance our data security posture but also boost our reputation among clients and partners, instilling trust and confidence in our services. 

Since we operate in the contract lifecycle management (CLM) domain, we understand every contract handled by our customer contains sensitive information. By obtaining this certification, SimpliContract demonstrates its dedication to safeguarding the data of 20k+ enterprise users located across the globe.  

Continual Improvement and Maintenance 

ISO 27001 requires organizations to continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve their ISMS. This aspect promotes a proactive approach to data security and ensures ongoing compliance with changing threats and technological advancements. 

We established regular reviews and audits to assess the effectiveness of our ISMS and promptly address any emerging risks or vulnerabilities. These practices helped us stay vigilant and agile in the face of rapidly evolving cyber threats. 

We encourage all organizations, regardless of their industry or size, to embark on a similar journey toward ISO 27001 certification. The process may be arduous, but the benefits are immeasurable, fortifying your organization's defense against ever-evolving cyber threats and positioning you as a beacon of trust in your industry. Remember, the pursuit of ISO 27001 is not just about obtaining a certification; it is a commitment to safeguarding the most valuable asset – data.  

About SimpliContract 

SimpliContract is on a mission to democratize contracting and establish powerful contract management practices using the power of AI. We help in-house Legal, Sales, Finance, and Procurement teams simplify the process across the contract lifecycle and enable real-time collaboration for internal and external stakeholders. The AI-powered end-to-end enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform helps organizations accelerate revenue, reduce risk, improve compliance, reduce expenses, and boost productivity.  

The CLM platform empowers 20K+ users and stakeholders to manage contracts effectively and efficiently through a unified collaboration platform. Leading players in Retail, IT, E-commerce, Ed-tech, Govt. & Healthcare, and other industries across the globe trust SimpliContract for their end-to-end contracting needs.