SimpliContract: A Recap of CLOC EMEA Summit 2023

As we look back at our participation at the pinnacle of legal events, we are taking a deep dive into the build-up, our experience at the booth, the learnings, the invaluable conversations, and more at the CLOC EMEA Summit, 2023.


Sreyesh Sarma


2 min read

Carina and Ajay at the CLOC EMEA Summit 2023

After a fantastic experience at CGI 2023 in Las Vegas, we were thrilled to participate in the CLOC EMEA Summit in London this week. The atmosphere was buzzing at the Royal Lancaster. The event brought together legal professionals, innovators, and thought leaders from Europe and afar. As a Gold Sponsor at the event, we were privileged to witness the legal industry's transformation and explore the intersection of law and technology.   

Rising Interest and Enthusiasm at our Booth 

A group of legal professionals at the SimpliContract Booth

At the CLOC EMEA Summit 2023, our booth became a bustling hub of activity, drawing increasing footfall throughout the event. The growing interest and curiosity surrounding our AI-powered end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform were palpable as legal professionals and industry enthusiasts eagerly sought to witness it in action. 

A Captivated Audience: Demonstrating the Power of AI 

Thought Leadership Discussions at the CLOC EMEA Summit 2023

Prospects who visited our booth were met with live demonstrations of our cutting-edge AI-powered platform. The excitement was contagious as we showcased the platform's capabilities, highlighting how it could streamline and revolutionize contract management processes. 

Our team walked attendees through real-life scenarios, from contract creation and review to automated redlining and compliance checks. The seamless integration of AI-driven tools and human oversight resonated with legal professionals who recognized the potential to reduce manual labour, minimize errors, and accelerate the contract lifecycle. 

AI's Rising Tide in Legal Waters 

One notable trend that permeated the summit was the increasing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) among legal professionals. Thought leadership sessions and discussions focused on how AI could automate tedious legal tasks, reduce human errors, and improve efficiency in contract management.  

Generative AI, as expected, was at the forefront of these discussions, showcasing its potential to revolutionize contract management at various stages of the lifecycle.    

Dinner with Jim Wagner 

One of the highlights of our CLOC EMEA experience was the invitation to an exclusive dinner hosted by Integreon with special guest Jim Wager, CEO of The Contract Network. This casual gathering allowed us to engage in meaningful conversations with industry leaders, legal tech pioneers, and fellow attendees. We had the opportunity to share insights, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections, further reinforcing the importance of collaboration in the legal community.  

Looking Forward to Next Year 

Carina with Legal Professionals at the SimpliContract Booth

CLOC has provided an exceptional platform for us to connect with visionaries, learn from industry experts, and showcase our AI-powered end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform to an enthusiastic audience. The insights gleaned, connections made, and inspiration gathered from this event will help us serve our customers better.   

Finally, we thank the organization of CLOC for organizing this summit, and all the thought leaders, industry experts, investors, and partners who stopped by our booth. We took great pride in demonstrating our end-to-end CLM platform. Your feedback and insights were invaluable. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!