SimpliContract at CGI 2023: A Journey of Inspiration and Transformation

As we look back at our participation at the pinnacle of legal events, we are taking a deep dive into the build-up, our experience at the booth, the learnings, the invaluable conversations, and more at the CLOC Global Institute, 2023.


Makesh Kumar


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Ajay and Makesh at SimpliContract's Booth in Bellagio

Ajay (Sales Director) and Makesh (Chief Product Officer) at SimpliContract's Booth

With hearts brimming with excitement and anticipation, our team embarked on a transformative journey by participating in the highly anticipated CLOC Global Institute 2023. As first-time attendees at the world's largest legal tech event, we were filled with a sense of awe and inspiration, ready to showcase our AI-powered end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform. Little did we know that this experience would surpass our expectations, providing us with invaluable learnings, unforgettable conversations, and fruitful outcomes. 

The Build-Up: A Thrilling Countdown 

The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, as we eagerly prepared to unveil our SaaS offering to the LegalTech community. We strategized our outreach efforts well in advance to make the most of our presence at CLOC Global Institute 2023. Countless late nights and infinite cups of coffee were devoted to perfecting our creation, fueled by the knowledge that this event was the ultimate stage to make an impact in the legal tech landscape.  

Lessons Learned: The Power of Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing 

Ajay and Navin at the booth

Ajay and Navin (ModMed) at CGI 2023

From the moment we stepped foot into the event, we were greeted by an atmosphere buzzing with intellectual energy and a palpable sense of camaraderie. Engaging with industry leaders, visionary speakers, and fellow attendees, we quickly discovered the immeasurable value of collaboration within the legal tech community. Conversations with like-minded individuals expanded our horizons, shedding light on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the ever-evolving legal tech landscape. We learned that by fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing, we could amplify our impact and drive innovation to new heights. 

The Event Experience: Immersed in a Dynamic Environment 

Makesh with a prospect at CGI 2023

Makesh with Ben (LawNext Legal) at CGI 2023

Immersed in the vibrant environment at CLOC Global Institute 2023, we proudly showcased our AI-powered end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform to legal professionals from around the world. Attendees recognized the transformative potential of our solution, and conversations flowed freely as they delved into our platform’s features and capabilities. The feedback, insights, and suggestions we received were invaluable, further enhancing our platform's ability to address legal professionals' pain points and challenges.  

Outcomes: Empowering Legal Professionals and Forging Strong Partnerships 

Participating in CLOC Global Institute 2023 yielded an array of positive outcomes. To begin with, we forged strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, unlocking the potential for future collaborations. These alliances will undoubtedly propel our innovation forward, enabling us to deliver even greater value to the legal tech ecosystem.  

Additionally, we gained a deeper understanding of the complex challenges faced by legal professionals. With a keen focus on product management, we plan on implementing an iterative development process that embraces continuous improvement. With the firsthand experience of our product at the booth, we’re prioritizing feature enhancements and implementing updates based on the feedback from our prospects.    

A Heartfelt Thank You to CLOC: Gratitude and Inspiration 

The Global Institute provided an exceptional platform for us to connect with visionaries, learn from industry experts, and showcase our AI-powered end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform to an enthusiastic audience. The knowledge gained, connections made, and inspiration gathered from this event will forever shape our future endeavors in the legal tech realm. 

Finally, we would like to thank all the thought leaders, industry experts, investors, and partners who stopped by our booth and experienced our end-to-end CLM platform in action. Your feedback and insights on the platform and the domain were invaluable to us.